Astro/Tarot Reading - $90  with Beth                 
Tarot Reading - $60 with Jude  


Each one of us is a traveler on The Fool's Path, gathering wisdom as
we journey toward the light of our soul.

Stop along the way and stay with us a while.

Come into our temple of insight.

Hold our hands and visions will come.  We'll look at the night sky and
find magic in the stars. Foretell your future with the secrets of

Astrology and Tarot

The dance of life is an upward spiral.

We follow the path round and round, circling, ascending,

directed by our cosmic map and our willingness

to hear the angels sing.

We journey together branching out in all directions,

taking separate roads toward fulfilling our individual

The astrological birth chart coupled with the gift of tarot

are magical tools we’ve been given that allow us to discover

our unique thread that weaves us into the tapestry of all

They offer us the opportunity to awaken our inner voice

and hear our inner truth.

Arise Cosmic Dancer! Join hands in the spiral dance!