About Us
The art of Astrology and Tarot are a perfect blend.
By utilizing the wisdom inherent in each we experience an
alchemical process. We can raise our vibration and capture
rays of light that quicken our hearts and align us with our
divine selves removing all obstacles from our path*

My name is Beth McConnell Roth

I am a lifelong journeyman who has traveled many roads with the Moon and the Stars.

My gurus have been many.

I honor all faiths as I believe we are all one.
We each have our own pathway to the Divine!

In my present incarnation I am a professional Astrologer and Tarotist, as well as an accomplished writer
and teacher.

I  live in beautiful Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

I am the creator and manager of
The Temple at Fortuna's Oracle
an online Tarot community where budding tarotists as well as seasoned pros gather to discuss all things
Tarot and metaphysical*

I serve on the Board of Directors
for The Astrological Society of Princeton, NJ

I am an enthusiastic yogini, yoga teacher
and student of the Vedic arts

You can find my contributions to
The 2010 Witches Spell-A Day Almanac
by Llewellyn Publications under my alter ego Igraine*