Full Moon in Taurus/Scorpio

                              The Snow Moon


 Nature Spirits: Subterranean fairies
 Herbs: Verbena, Borage, Blessed Thistle
 Colors: Gray, Sea Green
 Flowers: Blooming Cacti, Chrysanthemum
 Scents: Cedar, Cherry blossoms, Hyacinth, Peppermint, Lemon
 Stones: Topaz, Lapis Lazuli
 Trees: Alder, Cypress
 Animals: Unicorn, Scorpion, Crocodile, Jackal
 Birds: Owl, Goose, Sparrow
 Deities: Kali, Hecate, Osiris, Black Isis
 Power Flow: Take root, prepare. Transformation.
 Strengthen communication with the god/goddess
 that seems closet to you at this time
                                                             *Moon Magic - DJ Conway
Astrology, Tarot &

Spread for exploring the energy of  
Taurus/Scorpio Full Moon
                                               ~ Igraine

    #1 What is calling me forth?

    #2 What is holding me back?

     #3 How can I cross the bridge to
      my spiritual aspirations?

   Cerridwen’s Cauldron – A Ritual for Success
                                                     ~ Igraine from 2008 Witches Spell-A-Day Alamanac

 These are the early days of the Witches New Year celebrated at Samhain.
 If you missed an opportunity to consider what your plans and resolutions
 are for this coming year you still have time. Let this be a moon of claiming
 three goals that you want to achieve before years end.

  “In the cauldron of Cerridwen, I will work in preparation and manifestation
   toward the successful outcome of my present aspirations.
   Tonight I ask the goddess Cerridwen to bless this rite and join me in reflection.

    Old one, Sage Crone, Keeper of the cauldron
    I ask to stir your magic brew tonight for inspiration!
   The lessons I have learned through the shift of time and space
   Change the shape of things to come with each turning of the season.
   The wisdom of the universe can be mine for the claiming.
    I need only mix the magic for the potion to find sight.
   Three drops of grace shall pass my lips.
   Require me to name them.
   Enlightened by this moonlit night and your dark prophecy.”

Sit in silence and meditate briefly.
What are the three most important tasks that you need to accomplish
successfully this year?
When you have the answers state them clearly aloud and then
write them down in your journal or Book of Shadows. Then say:

“Cerridwen, in the naming of these three aspirations at this full moon in Taurus,
I pledge a year and a day to keep my focus alive in order that I may achieve my goals.”

My affirmation will be “Success comes easily to me.”

                      Nimue's Atrium

This full moon in the Celtic lunar tree calendar is the Elder
Moon. It is the last full moon of the Celtic year, and the 10th.  
Although the new year commences at Samhain,
the lunar calendar begins with the full moon closest to Yule
with the Birch Moon. This  will be next month's full moon
on the 3rd of December. The Elder Moon is a time of
"life in death and death in life". It is time to banish the  
old and even the shameful and renew creativity.
The Elder Ogham is one of "the redness of shame."
It is linked with magical powers and the ability to transform  
the legacy of past actions that we regret. Retribution.

                          Elder Moon

Down Night's path lit by yonder moon
treading on berries that redden my feet,
I wander in the silver light.
Touching rough barked trees where the owls cry
And my woeful heart beats tears
a burden of years I wish to let go.

A dark wind blows tinged with a bite..
cold harbinger of healing white
snow, pure promise is born in its light!
Touching rough barked trees where the owls fly
off into the night as I now hear a sweet whisper
Born of yonder moon.

A crystal flurry so distinct in this wood
as I stoop to gather the berries at my feet
to smear my face, O red of shame!
now to follow the owls' soft winged flight
through the snowy hollow and through the night
finding dawn's whisper in the growing light.

Elder Moon, 'tis your call I hear!
how magically you shine on my blood red tears
Banishing my rueful dream
and stirring my seared heart to rise
Resurrected in your pure gleam
O Elder Moon, I am clean!