Whatever your religious persuasion, Christmas/Yule is a holiday of
merry making. Families and friends gather in festive spirit. Houses
are festooned with tiny lights and garlands of fresh pine and there is a
general up swelling of a celebratory heart. One of the cheeriest ways
to commune on this day is to participate in the ancient rite of
sumbling. This is a sharing of toasts and boasts that gets everyone
laughing and sharing in spirit and good cheer. You will need a huge
chalice full of brew, wine, nog or mead. Gather friends ‘round in a
circle. Whoever is the host shall be the first to begin the sumble. Raise
the chalice and proclaim something that you want to brag about,
some accomplishment of yours this year. You can make this very
dramatic and overly full of your self. Then take a sip of brew and pass
the chalice to the next celebrant. He then raises the chalice and
boasts of his achievement this year or something he is very proud of.
Make it loud and boisterous. The second round is about gloating over
how fabulous you are. Each participant in turn will raise the chalice
and say something about themselves that they think is their best
quality. Be imaginative and in good humor. The Third and final round
is an oath, kind of like a New Years resolution where you swear to
something important to you. Don’t forget to save a last sip to pour into
the fire as an offering to the attending gods and goddesses. Merry
  ~ Igraine from Llewellyn's 2010 Witches Spell-A-Day
Astrology, Tarot &

The Winter Solstice

The return of the Oak King!
*Light ascends*
Here comes the Sun

The Sun moves into Capricorn at the
Winter Solstice
This year it occurs on December 21st
@ 11:19 PM EST
The Sabian Symbol for the Solstice is:

"An indian chief claims power from
the assembled tribe"

Exploration Tarot Spread for the
Winter Solstice Sabian Symbol

Shuffle your tarot deck, cut to the left with
your left hand 2 times
Restack the deck and fan out
Pick 4 cards to answer these questions:

#1 In WHAT WAY do I need to claim

#2 HOW can I best show my light?

#3 WHERE might I struggle for control?

#4 WHAT is my true place in the tribe?

Carol for Yule

Sing a song
~ of holiday and magic
Voices strong
~we’re honoring this day
Join along
~in Solstice celebration
Merrily, merrily Winter’s here!

Circle ‘round,
~PanGaia is rejoicing
Our Lord’s found
~his way back to this world
Love’s abound
~the Sun King reigns in glory
Joyfully, joyfully Yuletide cheer!

La! La! La! Gather all together
Fa! Fa! Fa! Spirited and gay
Holly leaves, mistletoe, kiss my lips, all aglow
Take me by the hand and we’ll make angels in the snow!

~ has entered in the heavens
Blow the horn
~as Saturn takes the throne
We’re reborn!
~The winter nights grow longer
Heralding, heralding this New Year!

Apples, nog,
~the chestnuts are aroasting
Solstice log
~is blazing in the fire
Spit the hog
~and turn him five times over
Cheerily, cheerily feasting's near!


                                                   ~Igraine sans music

Wishing you all a
Happy Yuletide!