Each month we will have an opportunity
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and whatever else might suit our fancy
on one card of the Tarot!

Keywords for DEATH  
                                                         ~ From The Crowley Tarot   

Instinct: Dying and becoming, growing and decaying
Goal: Transformation
Guiding Principle: The great letting go (death)
Light: Making room for the new
Shadow: Fear ( fear of death)
Quality: Inner wisdom; consistency
Card of the


 Element: WATER
 Astrological : SCORPIO
 Number: 13 = The unlucky number
 Hebrew Letter: Nun meaning Fish
 Rune: Eihwaz (death)
 Deity: Hades
 Essence: Cypress, Valerian, Cumin
 Stones of Power: Onyx,malachite
 Animal: Wolf, beetle, crayfish
 Affirmation: I transform and renew
 myslef by letting go of those things
 no longer necessary to my growth
~Mary K. Greer
                                         Tarot for Your Self
                                   The Essence of Magic

                                      ~ Paulina Tarot

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